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Spirit, Brand Consistancy

Creative Banner Displays, Unique Murals, and Cool Window & Wall Graphics for your gymnasium, stadiums and around campus are just some of the things Proclaim! can do.  We'll help you build school spirit, increase sponsorship income and support community outreach. Our on-site marketing team works with your marketing, student, and community development teams to create the right displays to communicate your message. Campus programs are handled effortlessly with Proclaim! 

Remember, we can handle the concept, design, production, installation, storage, maintenance and logistics of the program.

Proclaim! manages all of these steps, or any individual step – your choice. One Source, many options...We’re Proclaim!  Looking for the ultimate outsource solution? Imagine the convenience of having Proclaim manage and maintain your visual marketing decor programs all year.

See what a visible difference Proclaim’s marketing expertise can make for your campus.

Call 800-758-0210 today to schedule a no-cost review of your visual marketing displays and sponsorship marketing opportunities.