“Proclaim! has everything I need."

Seasonal promotions and events are a great tie-in to the free buzz of the season. Leverage your locations with seasonal decor and messaging that entices your customers to come in and buy! Whether you are seeking festive downtown light pole displays and tree lights or a large canopy tent and 25 foot inflatable American Eagle for your on-site President’s Day promotion, Proclaim! has everything that you need. Of course, it’s all done on time, every time…One Source, many options...We’re Proclaim!
Call us for customized holiday decor or a truly unique promotion – we’ve created a real ski hill and snow ball fight in July for the opening of a San Francisco Ski Shop! Our goal is to make make your locations memorable and "the place to be". Simply call 800-758-0210 today to schedule your no-cost seasonal review.
Looking for a ready-to-go solution? Proclaim! has over 72 turn-key promotions complete with banners, sidewalk signs, cloudbuster balloons, interior displays , window banners and more. We can share the art with you for print and electronic tie-in. With our huge selection of great themed inflatables our turn-key promotions are always a hit. All turn-key promotions are available to rent or buy. We can even set them up for you! Click here to see just a few of our seasonal themes: