Foodservice / Chain Operations


Besides your top people your locations are one of your biggest assets. 70% of restaurant sales are from customers in your local market.  Proclaim's job is to help you keep them coming back and motivating the other 30% to visit your restaurant.  

Proclaim has the way to keep your locations top of mind and visible.

Our high quality, field tested displays build brand identity and location awareness.   Watch your same store sales soar and maintain the bump as your local customers identify your locations as "the place to be."   Proclaim will handle the Design, Production and Installation of the Program. 

Working directly with management or through your agency Proclaim will soon become your preferred vendor for quality Visual Marketing Displays and On-Site Branding.

See what a visible difference Proclaim’s marketing expertise can make for your operation. 

Simply call 800-758-0210 today to schedule your no-cost review of your current on-site visual marketing efforts and how Proclaim can help you leverage those and add more to increase your customer count.